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Boating and Sailing

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  1. Boat Maintenance

    Boat Maintenance

    Learn how to properly maintain a boat for years of trouble free, smooth sailing. Learn More
  2. Seamanship


    A how-to manual to get you started - Seamanship provides in-depth coverage of boat handling and navigation, reading the weather and water, and dealing with, and preventing extreme situations such as capsized boats. Learn More
  3. Knots You Need to Know

    Knots You Need to Know

    This guidebook with basic seaman knots and fancy rope work is great for Boy Scouts and boaters alike. Rope is an essential tool to boaters, campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Knowing the proper way to tie knots is important. With a little practice, anyone can learn how to tie the strongest knot. Learn More
  4. Boating Lessons You'll Never Forget

    Boating Lessons You'll Never Forget

    What would you do if a whale thought your boat looked like lunch? Dive deep into these stories of real life boating disasters as told by those who survived them. Learn More
  5. Knots to Know

    Knots to Know

    If you've ever found yourself wondering about the best way to tie something up or tie a couple of things together, this DVD is for you. With clear demonstrations accompanied by detailed instructions and helpful explanations about their use, Knots to Know is the ultimate guide to the fundamental knots. Whether you need to tie boats to a vehicle, set up a tarp at camp, or perhaps you just want to learn how and when the fundamental knots get used, this DVD will teach you how to accomplish virtually any basic tying task. These are the knots that everyone should know! Learn More
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