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Fox Chapel Publishing News & Press Releases

How To Create a Wood Pallet Bookshelf

The best thing about creating wood pallet projects is that the possibilities are endless! Indoor, outdoor, large, small, rustic, or finished, with a little sweat equity, as they say, “If you can dream it, you can build it.” This is a great project to use in any room! It will add a lot of character and function at the same time. It’s a decorative way to display and store books in your bedroom, kitchen, or den.

Host a DIY Coloring Party

There's nothing better than sharing a fun evening chatting with your friends over wine and cheese until you add coloring to the mix! Instead of paint night where you have to follow an instructor, try a coloring night where the roadmap is right in front of you. 

Whittle A Little Piggy

This little porker is big on personality but can be completed with just a few basic tools. Beginners can expect good results with their first attempt, and more experienced carvers can fill a pig pen in a weekend.

11 Books for Dad this Father’s Day

From the DIY Dad to the outdoorsman, we put together a quick list to help you with your Father's Day shopping. Here are our a few of our favorite books to give to Dad this year. Simply find your Dad's interest!

National Doughnut Day: Traditional Amish-Style Doughnut Recipe

In honor of National Doughnut Day (and one of our favorite holidays at Fox Chapel Publishing), we are whipping up these Amish-Style Doughnuts. Fox Chapel Publishing is located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lancaster is well-known for its Amish Community. So today we are paying homage to our roots! Celebrate with us and make your own.

8 Steps to Start Bullet Journaling (with examples!)

Bullet journaling, aka dot journals or grid notebooks, might be the solution for you to consolidate everything in one place.
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