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Bring luck to your scroll saw with this take on a Chinese New Year classic

Chinese Dragon Puzzle

It’s no wonder the dragon is a favorite of Tolkien and Game of Throne fans. Known for it’s symbolism in Chinese mythology, these creatures are said to reward respect with security and good luck. Scroll Saw Expert John A. Nelson uses the movement and choreography from the traditional Chinese New Year dragon dance to inspire his puzzle rendition of this iconic symbol.

Pick up a copy of the Spring Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Magazine for John’s step-by-step tutorial.

Author Helen I. Driggs

My husband loves it! He’s a beginner and was impressed by the range of patterns. The patterns using old vinyl records were very cool. FYI: Recommend copying the patterns on a big scanner such as those at office supply stores

– Satisfied Scroll Saw & Crafts Reader

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Metal Jewelry Workshop

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