National Wildlife Federation(R): Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife, Expanded Second Edition

By David Mizejewski

17 Projects to Give Back to Nature

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Create a magical ecosystem in your backyard!

Invite songbirds, butterflies, bees, and more by nurturing a wildlife habitat garden. With stunning photography, lists of the best plants to support wildlife, and 17 projects the whole family can enjoy, this is a must-have resource for nature enthusiasts, gardeners, and animal lovers.

Nectar Plants for Hummingbirds

Excerpt from Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife.

Over 160 North American native plants are exclusively dependent upon hummingbirds for pollination. In the east, the ruby-throated hummingbird is the only species that commonly occurs. It is very territorial and will chase others away from feeders and flowers, so scatter these resources throughout your property to avoid competition. The 14 western species of hummingbirds are less territorial and can be quite gregarious, and it’s not an uncommon sight to find several different species sharing a single feeder. Here are some North American native and nonproblematic non-native plants to attract hummingbirds:
Bee balm (Monarda didyma), Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), Columbine (Aquilegia spp.), Coralbells (Heuchera sanguinea).  Full the full list, get your copy of Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife.

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Author David Mizejewski

Use native species to reconnect your outdoor space to the local ecosystem

The Importance of Native Plants

The Importance of Native Plants

The most effective way to enhance our local ecosystems is by using native plants that birds, bees, and butterflies depend on. Inside this book, you’ll find easy guides to sourcing and purchasing native plants as well as which non-native and invasive species to avoid.

Urban & Rural Garden Design

Urban & Rural Garden Design

The design of your garden or landscape is just as important as the plants you choose. Whether you have acres of land, a modest suburban lawn, or a balcony in the city, you’ll learn multiple approaches you can use to create your ideal habitat.

Give Your Garden Life Year Round

Give Your Garden Life Year Round

Learn which combination of plants and flowers will keep your outdoor space in bloom throughout the seasons. This will ensure you have a beautiful garden as well as food for a wide variety of local wildlife year round via nectar, pollen, berries, seeds, and insects.

Food and Water Sources

Food and Water Sources

There are many different food and water sources your garden can offer. Providing a water source can be as simple as a birdbath or as intricate as building a pond. The best way to provide food for local wildlife is through native plants. You can also supplement with feeders, which will provide you and your family the opportunity to observe wildlife up close.

A Safe Haven

Wildlife requires cover for protection from the elements. Predators also rely on cover to sneak up on their prey. You’ll find many options you can incorporate into your garden, whether you’re using plants or water for a dual purpose, or constructing a more specialized cover. A pile of leaves, brush, or rocks are all simple, naturally occurring ways to provide cover

Places to Raise Young

Places to Raise Young

The plants in your garden will provide space and raw materials for nesting, egg-laying, or birthing for a diversity of wildlife from songbirds to butterflies to mammals. Discover the equal importance of having living and dead plants for wildlife to raise their young in. This book also contains projects for nesting places that you can build and add to your wildlife habitat for roosting birds, bees, and bats.

Sustainable Gardening

Learn how to maintain and manage your garden to keep it a healthy and attractive place for wildlife, as well as you and your family. The in-depth information on organic gardening is sure to make your habitat thrive. The importance of composting, conserving water, and saying no to pesticides is explored thoroughly so you can add it to your gardening tool belt.

The Perfect Gift for the Garden & Nature Enthusiast

have your yard or garden recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat:

  • More than 200 photos of backyard wildlife habitats and the creatures they attract
  • 17 fun, wildlife-friendly projects that the whole family can enjoy
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to have your yard or garden recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat(R) by the National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife(TM) program.


David Mizejewski

David Mizejewski is a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. He holds a degree in Human and Natural Ecology from Emory University and has hosted television series on both Animal Planet and NatGeo WILD. He regularly appears on NBC’s Today Show and does dozens of other television and public appearances each year to promote wildlife conservation. He specializes in urban ecology, the role that native plants have on wildlife populations, and helping people restore wildlife habitat in their cities, towns, neighborhoods, backyards, and gardens.

Author David Mizejewski

David’s superb revision brings us up to date on the most effective ways to enhance our local ecosystems by using the beautiful native plants our birds and bees depend on.

– DOUG TALLAMY, Author of Bringing Nature Home

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National Wildlife Federation(R): Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife

ISBN-13: 978-1580118187
Format: Paperback
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 7(w) x 9(h)

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