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Did you know that Bad-Tempered Bradford Cattle are used for rodeos? Impress friends and relatives with interesting facts about 44 breeds, including their appearance, history and breeding, and meat and milk producing capabilities. From the strong Ayrshire who produces ideal milk for ice cream, to the pampered Wagyu, whose beef is said to reduce cholesterol, this fascinating guide will turn both young and old into a cow enthusiast. Impress friends and relatives by identifying any cow, almost anywhere in the world with the fun facts about breeds like the Devon and the Dexter, which by the way is no taller than a St. Bernard.

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Know Your Cows

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This little book introduces adults and children alike to popular breeds of cattle. Each breed gets a spread featuring a color photograph and a full discussion of identifying characteristics, plus a write-up about the breed's history, personality, milk-producing habits, and suitability for the small farm. With this little book in hand, you'll be able to impress your friends by identifying any cow you happen to encounter, almost anywhere in the world.
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