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1 Book, 15 Woodcarvers: The Artists behind This New Wood Carving Projects For Your Kitchen Book

1 Book, 15 Woodcarvers: The Artists behind This New Wood Carving Projects For Your Kitchen Book

1 Book, 15 woodcarvers: The ARTISTS Behind the New 12 spoons, 2 bowls, and a knife

By The Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine Team

The wooden spoon is arguably one of the most humble and ubiquitous household staples. This ubiquity has led to some unique interpretations of what a spoon can be, ranging from the utilitarian to the purely decorative. When compiling 12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife, the Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine team pored through our archives for projects that exemplified both beauty and functionality. We stumbled across 15 talented woodcarvers that took the idea of kitchen utensils to whole new level. Take a peek that the wood carving projects inside 12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife and learn more about each of these creative contributors below.

Inside 12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife we’ve included a range of designs with different functions—from a pair of hardwood salad servers to a rustic coffee scoop to a measuring spoon shaped like a fishtail—to show just how versatile the spoon can be. And because these projects boast straightforward designs and require very few tools to complete, they’re a great way to introduce inquirers to carving as an art form, allowing beginners the opportunity to walk away from their first carving session with a finished piece to show for it. But we didn’t stop there! Once you’re done carving the 12 spoon projects within these pages, try out two very different bowl designs and whittle a quick carve jam spreader out of a birch twig. To help you deck out your kitchen with even more handcarved items, we even threw in a bonus fork project for good measure. So ditch those plastic utensils for a more sustainable alternative that’s actually fun to use—because you made it yourself.

Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine

12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife

Transform a block of wood into a beautiful (and functional) kitchen accessory! Featuring both utilitarian and decorative pieces that are perfect for beginners, 12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife is a compilation of 15 favorite projects from the archives of Woodcarving Illustrated. Opening with a section on common carving tools, basic cuts, and safety, each project that follows contains step-by-step instructions, coordinating photography, expert tips, and patterns.


Wood Carving a Fish - Step 01

Emmet Van Driesche is a professional spoon carver, writer, and farmer living in western Massachusetts. He publishes Spoonesaurus
Magazine, a print-only publication that celebrates the craft of spoon carving. 

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Elizabeth Sherman, an artist from Tennessee, began carving approximately
two years ago as a hobby. She is a self-taught carver and enjoys creating handcrafted functional art. She frequently can be found at local markets. Elizabeth teaches spoon carving classes and hosts spoon gatherings in the southeastern United States. 

Dave Western is a professional lovespoon
carver and the author of two books on carved lovespoons, both available from Dave carves on commission and also teaches classes. 

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Karen Henderson is retired. She began carving in 1998 and enjoys a variety of types of carving, such as  caricatures,bark, and especially spoons. She teaches carving and enjoys sharing her ideas with other woodcarvers at a weekly gathering of carvers during the winter. Karen lives in St. Francis, Minnesota.


Wood Carving a Fish - Step 01

Chris Lubkemann has been carving since age 7. The Little Book of Whittling is his second book with Fox Chapel Publishing. His first was Whittling Twigs and Branches. The project included in this book was his second to be featured in Woodcarving Illustrated. His first, “Whittling a Miniature Flower,” appeared in Holiday 2004 (Issue 29).

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Mark Ivan Fortune followed a traditional apprenticeship in stone carving to become a Master of his craft with more than twenty years of experience. Since 2008, he has turned his attentions primarily to woodcarving. He teaches from his home workshop at Raheenwood in
East Clare, Ireland.

Saskia De Jager started selling her carvings under the brand Ash & Elm in
2015, after she moved to a small Karoo town in South Africa. Regardless of the growing culture of machine-carved wood, Saskia believes
in preserving the art of handcarving. She has created hundreds of handcarved wooden pieces of art, which are sold all
around the globe. 

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Emilie Rigby is a green woodworker living in a little cabin on a lake in Upstate
New York. She spends her time sitting by the lake carving spoons, writing
stories, and illustrating the natural world. 

12 Spoons, 2 Bowls, and a Knife Carving Authors

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Josh Rittenhouse has been involved with woodworking his whole life. At a young age, Josh could always be found in his father’s woodshop helping out with various projects. He began carving spoons in 2015 and has carved hundreds since.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 01

Kevin Kaminski has been carving spoons and other treenware since 2005. He especially enjoys working in local hardwoods that are durable and sustainable. He lives in New Castle, Delaware.

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Brian Bailey retired after working for the state of New York for almost thirty years.
For the past twenty-five years, he has been sawing and drying his own lumber.
He started carving as a youngster and has
been carving off and on since then.

Luke Voytas is the Wood Shop Technician and Artist Instructor at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, Pennsylvania. Learn about and sign up for his classes at 

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Wood Carving a Fish - Step 01

Brad Tremblay lives in southern Ontario with his wife and two dogs. He has
been carving spoons for two years. Brad discovered his love for spooncarving
through bushcraft and backcountry camping trips. 

Wood Carving a Fish - Step 03

Shirley Adler is a spoon carving instructor from Denver, Colorado.

Jon Mac lives in southwest England, near Dartmoor National Park. Jon carves kuksa, ale hens, and spoons, and he is working on chip carving. He is a keen hillwalker, has served with the local mountain rescue team, and teaches team building and survival skills. A knife designer, Jon works closely with Chris Grant, one of the British Isles’ foremost knife makers.

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