Victorinox carving teacher launches NEW whittling book with fox chapel publishing

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Lancaster, PA — With many retreating to the outdoors this time of year, whittling in the wild can prove to be an extremely rewarding and relaxing hobby. If this sounds like the perfect hobby for you, you’re not alone. Google Trends is showing an increase in wood carving and whittling right now. Felix Immler, a Victorinox carving instructor, can back up the data.

“Whittling appears to be experiencing a big increase in popularity,” Immler says. “It is creative, practical, and invites you to engage with nature. I personally have found so much joy in it that I have made it my profession.” Immler is the author of a new book, Whittling in the Wild: 30+ Fun & Useful Things to Make Out of Wood.

The book provides carvers with the tools they need to get super creative with wood using natural materials and a Swiss Army Knife. Projects range from a bow and arrow and slingshot to more whimsical projects such as a flute and a sailboat. “I love whittling with the Swiss Army Knife because it allows me to be spontaneous and work almost anywhere at any time,” Immler says.

Whittling can also be a fun family project (used with adult supervision), and the perfect entryway to woodcarving in general. Plus, it’s a great way to be completely analog and engage in the natural world with children. “Whittling is a wonderful hobby for young and old,” Immler says.

“Even today, whittling with a Swiss Army Knife still captivates many children. Completely battery-free, it is a companion for adventures big and small and creates valuable experiences outside of the digital world.” 

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