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Fiber Animals for the Backyard and Hobby Farm Raising backyard fiber animals is rising in popularity, as more and more people seek traditional textiles for yarn-focused crafts like knitting, crocheting, and weaving, as well as spinning, embroidery, needlepoint, needle felting, wet felting, and fiber dying. This book offers an essential reference for anyone who is considering their own production of animal fibers. Author and fiber farmer Chris McLaughlin provides a comprehensive introduction to raising livestock for wool. With practical information for the aspiring beginner, Chris helps you to decide which species will best serve your own lifestyle criteria and needs. Inside Raising Animals for Fiber Comprehensive guide to raising sheep, goats, angora rabbits, and alpacas · Practical information on housing, fencing, feed, grooming, shearing, plucking, basic health care, breeding and birthing. · Comparison of popular breeds and how their fiber differs from breed to breed. · Frank discussion of the energy and commitment that it takes to raise livestock, and how much room and land each animal species will need. · Essential biosecurity practices to prevent spreading pests and infectious animal diseases. · Advice on hand spinning and crafts to utilize your homegrown fiber.

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Raising Animals for Fiber

Producing Wool from Sheep, Goats, Alpacas, and Rabbits in Your Backyard

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Fiber farmer Chris McLaughlin offers a comprehensive guide to raising sheep, goats, angora rabbits, and alpacas for wool. With practical information on breeds, housing, feed, breeding, heath care, shearing, and more, Chris helps the reader to decide which species will best serve their lifestyle criteria and needs.
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