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Widely regarded as the bible of wood finishing, Understanding Wood Finishing takes the mystery out of wood finishing. The biggest secret of successful wood finishing is that there is no secret at all. Finishing is not an art, it's a simple process any woodworker can learn. To feel comfortable with finishing, you need to understand the materials available to choose from, how these materials work, and what degree of protection and decorative effects they produce. Avoid the agony and frustration of reinventing the craft. Learn how to make intelligent finishing choices, avoid errors, and correct errors when they occur. This book is devoted to explaining how stains, sealers, finishes,and polishes work. You will quickly see the great value in learning about materials. Learn how all materials and techniques used in finishing are interrelated. The more you learn about one subject, the better you'll be able to understand another. Inside you will find: * Information on materials, tools, and techniques * Step-by-step instructions and explanations that take the mystery out of the science * Illustrations and photos that help you distinguish between products, make decisions, and solve problems As professional finishers know and as amateurs will surely realize, 'finishing is easy once you know what you are doing," says Frank Klausz, a professional cabinetmaker. 'UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING makes the science of finishing understandable." Lawrence Okrend, woodworking and shop editor of Workbench magazine states,"UNDERSTANDING WOOD FINISHING proves that finishing isn't black magic or a nebulous art, as some would believe, but rather a process that is as precise and analytical as any other aspect of woodworking. Without question, this is the best-researched, most authoritative book on wood finishing available."

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Understanding Wood Finishing (First Edition)

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Explains the tools & techniques you can use to achieve the finish of your dreams. (see accompanying video)
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Author Bob Flexner
Pages 310
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