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With more than 500 shop-proven solutions to your most challenging woodworking problems, this book contains inventive woodworking solutions, contributed by dozens of America's best craftsmen. Introduction.1 Design and Layout Solutions.2 Improving Proportions.3 Avoiding Structural Problems.10 Enhancing Design Details.15 Drawing Plans and Laying Out Parts.21 Shop Math and Geometry.30 Working with Figure and Grain.33 Materials Solutions.36 Choosing Materials.37 Working with Materials.46 Dealing with Blemishes and Defects.50 Storing and Drying Lumber.55 Stock Preparation Solutions.60 Jointing Stock.61 Planing wood.67 Resawing Thick Stock.72 Working with Veneer.75 Cutting and Sizing Solutions.78 Ripping Lumber.79 Crosscutting Lumber.84 Cutting Sheet Goods.94 Other Sizing Problems.96 Bending And Shaping Solutions.98 Routing and Cutting Profiles.99 Creating Shapes.105 Bending Wood.114 Joinery Solutions.120 Improving Corner Joints.121 Making Better Miters.130 Frame Joinery Solutions.135 Mortise and Tenon Solutions.138 Doweling and Drilling Solutions.148 Handling Case Joinery.151 Making Edge Joints.155 Gluing and Assembly Solutions.158 Gluing and Glues.159 Gluing Up Solid Wood Panels.164 Assembling Cabinets and Furniture.169 Assembling Doors, Drawers, and Frames.175 Installing Doors, Drawers, and Hardware.179 Clamping Difficult Assemblies.187 Using Fasteners.193 Installation Solutions.197 Sanding Solutions.200 Using Sanding Tools.201 Smart Sanding Strategies.208 Finishing Solutions.216 Prepping for Finish.217 Staining Wood.220 Applying Finishes.226 Fixing Finishes.241 Painting Wood.246 Tool Maintenance and Sharpening Solutions.248 Table Saw Solutions.249 Band Saw Solutions.253 Jointer Solutions.258 Other stationary Machines.260 Router Solutions.262 Hand Tool Solutions.265 Sharpening Solutions.269 Repair Solutions.274 Fixing Dents and Gouges.275 Solving Gluing Problems.280 Dealing with Structural Problems.282 Repairing Twist and Warp.291 Fixing Imperfections in Wood.294 Repairing Finishes.296 Sources.298 Contributors.300 Index.304

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Woodworker's Problem Solver (HC)

512 Shop-Proven Solutions to Your Most Challenging Woodworking Problems

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512 shop-proven solutions. Everything from imperfect designs to fixing finishes.
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