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Ask the Vet About Cats

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Caret Down
Properly caring for your cat or kitten is essential to both its well being and yours. Here are answers from an expert to 80 of the most commonly asked questions by new and experienced cat parents. Owning a cat can seem easy. They clean themselves, use the litter box in a more or less hygienic way, and probably even know how to open doors themselves. What more do you possibly need to know to be a great cat mom or dad? Properly caring for your cat can be confusing. Many cat owners rush to see their veterinarian if they notice a slight change in the behavior of their kitty. While in some instances the vet might need to intervene, most of those times the changes are not really a dire cause for concern. But when exactly is the right time to make a call to the vet? Dr. Wexler-Mitchell is the owner and founder of The Cat Care Clinic and specializes in the intense care of our feline friends. She has created a handbook that will be able to solve all of the problems faced by cat owners. The book educates cat owners on what to do in a wide


Caret Down
Pages 96
Publish Date 2003-10-01
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Elaine Wexler-Mitchell
Product Form Hardback

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