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Bear: The Ultimate Artist's Reference

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Caret Down
A must-have reference for anyone interested in bears. Inside you will find over 150 stunning full-color photographs for bear in their natural habitat. You'll also find over 100 sketches providing up-close detail for paws, mouth and other parts. Black, Grizzly and Polar Bear all included. Perfect for artists of all mediums who are looking to put realism in their works. Bears are one of North America's most feared predators, but also one of the most exciting. Inside this book, wildlife artist and photographer, Doug Lindstrand, reveals all aspects of these noble creatures through stunning full-color photographs and detailed sketches. From the grizzly bear to the black bear and the polar bear - no North American species has been left out. Inside you will find up-close photographs of bears in motion. Taken at various angles and in various seasons and colors, these photographs will help you to better portray the animal with accuracy in your own artwork. The author has also included over 100 detailed drawings - perfect for close-up views or adding texture to your artwork. Not to be missed are the author's reference notes providing exciting insight and information on one of nature's most magnificent creatures.


Caret Down
Pages 118
Publish Date 2003-09-15
Size 0.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Doug Lindstrand
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Library Journal
Lindstrand is the dean of North American wildlife art instructors. He has photographed and sketched caribou, deer, wolves, big horn sheep, elk, bison, and bears for more than 30 years. Among his many successful books are Drawing Big Game and Drawing Mammals: An Artist's Reference Guide to North American Mammals. Lindstrand provides a perfect balance of fine photography, information on habitat and range, sketches, and finished portraits. His two new volumes cover every species of North American bear (from grizzly to black bear and polar bear) and of deer (from white-tailed to the mule deer). Small libraries may be satisfied by the two general titles by Lindstrand cited above, but larger collections will want all four. Macnamara and Donnelly offer a completely different approach to a similar field. Macnamara forgoes the strict realism most wildlife artists strive for and creates instead an almost surreal watercolor style. She layers color to achieve luminous effects, using, for example, ultramarine and yellow-green in the hide of an otherwise gray elephant. The dazzling results can be seen in exotic birds, mammals, reptiles, beetles, and more. Highly recommended for general collections.

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