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Beginner's Guide to Making Mosaics

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Caret Down
Transform areas and items in your home into beautiful works of art! Eye-catching and a lot of fun to do, this introductory guide to mosaic art (literally) covers everything, from window sills, wall murals, and coffee tables to flower pots, picture frames, trays, and so many more decorative pieces for both the home and garden! With 16 beautiful projects to create, supply lists, step-by-step photography and captions, helpful tips, and everything you need to know about the materials, tools, and techniques to make colorful works of art, this is the go-to guide for starting a brand new hobby in mosaics!


Caret Down
Pages 128
Publish Date 2019-10-15
Size 8.0" x 9.0" x 0.35"
Author Delphine Lescuyer


Caret Down
The Crafted Life
As a crafter who is relatively new to mosaics, Delphine Lescuyer's book is the perfect place to start! With easy-to-follow, step-by-step photos, you'll learn everything you need to know about the materials, tools, and techniques involved with beginner mosaics and finish the book feeling inspired and prepared to take on new projects!
Originally published in France, Lescuyer's beginner's how-to reference for mosaics displays a decidedly Gallic bent. Her 16 designs take cues from the simple aesthetics of her compatriots, like mosaicists Raymond Isidore and Isidore Odorico, while emphasizing color-saturated patterns. The projects are streamlined and were created to take advantage of the material's best qualities. A squarish mirror, for instance, is centered in a design of large and small dots arranged in colored grout. Well-orchestrated color photographs zero in on the exact steps that need more visuals, while accompanying texts fill in the details. Side boxes provide tips and techniques that further support novices, such as rotating the platform to work around a pot being festooned, and knowing that sanded grout is easier than unsanded grout to clean with a sponge. An amazingly clear translation ensures no gaps in knowledge on either side of the Atlantic.

About the Author

Delphine Lescuyer is a self-taught mosaicist. She started studying theater and dance, but also enjoyed photography and writing. In 2011, her workshop Anai and Celadon produced original works where the mosaic was imprinted with fantasy, yet had a timeless elegance.

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