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Beginner's Houseplant Garden

Top 40 Choices for Houseplant Success & Happiness
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Caret Down
User-friendly and highly accessible, this is a practical and inspiring guide to indoor gardening for complete beginners by award-winning and self-taught plant enthusiast Jade Murray. Here, you will find invaluable tips and advice for choosing, caring for, and propagating the top 40 easiest and most common houseplants. From air-purifying plants for beginners like ferns and fiddle leaf figs to heat-resistant succulents and cacti, discover everything you need to know on where to position them and how to display them, tips on soil mix, watering, feeding, and troubleshooting, and more! Having limited space is no barrier to indoor gardening -- many of these indoor houseplants are perfect for small homes and space-saving ideas abound, whether hanging in a basket, bunched on a shelf, on a windowsill, or grouped on a ladder. Filled with stunning photography and tons of expert tips and tricks, Beginner's Houseplant Garden is a complete, fool-proof guide by winner of the 2021 'My Chelsea Garden' Judges' Choice Gold Medal Award, Jade Murray, that shows you how to create your own indoor garden -- even if space is tight and you have no prior experience of plants at all.


Caret Down
Pages 144
Publish Date 2023-01-17
Size 7.0" x 9.0" x 0.0"
Author Jade Murray


Caret Down
London-based Jade Murray capitalizes on the green-indoors craze by developing a novice's guide to choosing house plants--and keeping them alive . Tips are provided for quick care, with explanations on how to propagate, position, water, mix soil, feed, offer proper humidity, and treat pests.


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