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Classy Clay

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Caret Down
Classy Clay takes polymer clay crafting to a new level of creativity and artistry. Here are surprising and delightful jewelry, notecards, boxes, and more for you to make, all with step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and ideas on how to develop your own designs. You'll learn to think in new ways and combine new materials. Combine your clay with wire, metallic rub-ons, metallic foil, pearlescent powders, rubber stamps, or acrylic paints. Instructions on how to coil and bend your jewelry findings are included, allowing you to make your designs your own! The themes here are as whimsical as the material: kitty cats, dragonflies, hearts, and stars. There is even a project just for shoe lovers. Pendants and boxes! Necklaces and earrings! And more. Each project is more remarkable and colorful than the one before it. So don't wait. Make clay into something special! Classy Clay brings polymer clay to new heights of artistry and beauty. You'll learn techniwes to create jewelry, notecards and little covered boxes. Combine the clay with wire, metallic foil, metallic rub-ons, pearly powders, acrylic paints, or rubber stamps for interesting effects. Included are instructions on how to coil and bend your own jewelry findings to make your designs


Caret Down
Pages 20
Publish Date 2002-01-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Deborah Anderson
Product Form Saddlestitch Booklet


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