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Country Mosaics for Scrollers & Crafters

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Caret Down
Bless your family and friends with wooden plaques symbolizing faith, love, and prosperity! Here are over 30 patterns for hex signs, marriage blessings, house blessings, and more. Here are marriage blessings make the perfect gift for wedding presents, house blessings that make the perfect housewarming present, and "Hex Signs," a popular folk art motif. There are simple projects for beginners and more complicated pieces for advanced crafters. There are designs here for every level of expertise, from beginner to expert craftsperson. Pick up a scroll saw and start creating. You can make projects that will become a beloved family heirloom, or you can make them to sell at your local craft fair or online. Country Mosaics for Scrollers and Crafters Bless your friends, neighbors and even your own home with these wooden plaques symbolizing faith, love, and prosperity! The country-themed patterns in this book were inspired by the Pennsylvania German traditions that are so prominent in the country-side around the author's home. Their symbols of peace, long life and prosperity can be seen on the hex signs that hang on their barns, on the house blessings that grace their homes, and on the quilts and furniture that they use and


Caret Down
Pages 72
Publish Date 2003-04-23
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.213"
Author Frank Droege
Product Form Paperback

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