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Cows and Catastrophes

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Caret Down
Cows and Catastrophes includes tales of author Brindley Hosken's 40 years of farming on the beautiful Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, where he has lived and worked for all his life. After 35 years of dairy farming, and in an increasingly challenging market, Brin made the difficult decision to sell his cows in 2010 and now contract rears dairy heifers.Some of the stories told are factual, some take a situation, turn it upside down and approach it from a completely different angle and others ask important questions such as "What if I'm a Celebrity was set on a farm?" and "What if a tractor could write a letter to a car?" Most are humorous; some are sad but they are all thought provoking. Including 32 specially commissioned illustrations by Rory Walker, this book will bring a wry smile to the faces of other farmers who will recognise situations that they too have been in. It will also give readers who are not involved in farming an idea about what happens down farm lanes and in the patchwork of fields that they pass on their way to work each day and to help them appreciate the tough job that farmers today face.


Caret Down
Pages 182
Publish Date 2020-12-01
Size 5.0" x 7.75" x 0.2955"
Author Brindley Hosken
Product Form Paperback / softback

About the Author

Aside from his lifelong farming work Brindley Hosken has been a parish councillor for almost 30 years, he is President of the Helston & St Keverne Young Farmers Club, chairman of his local horticultural show and of the West Cornwall Grassland Society and he has previously chaired the Cornwall Grassland Society. In between all of that he frequently writes for his local magazines and is married to wife Ruth, and has 3 children.

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