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Fantastic Book of Canes, Pipes, and Walking Sticks, 3rd Edition

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Caret Down
Fabulous pen and ink sketches showcase a wide variety of canes, staffs and pipes along with carving tips and notes.


Caret Down
Pages 136
Publish Date 2011-04-01
Series Woodworking-General
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.35"
Author Harry Ameredes


About the Author

Most mornings, (the late) Harry Ameredes was up with the sun and working diligently on pen and ink illustrations in his West Virginia Home. An artist at heart, Harry discovered his natural talent for drawing while in high school. With the encouragement of Robert Ayworth, his high school art teacher, Harry entered some of his best drawings in a national scholastic art contest. To his delight, his work won first and second place honors.harry's drawing took a back seat during World War II. His Greek heritage and his ability to speak Greek made him a perfect candidate for the Office of Strategic Services. Along with other Americans who had strong ethnic ties, Harry found himself parachuting or riding submarines into occupied and threatened territories to work with the underground movement opposing Hitler.Once retired from the service and the local steel mill, Harry used much of his free time to draw and carve. He found that carving was a natural extension of his drawing. Realizing his ideas for canes and pipes in wood was quite a thrill. Of course, Harry was the first to admit that he had more drawings than he could ever complete in wood.

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