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Fun with Stitching

35 Cute Sewing Projects to Turn Everyday Items into Works of Art
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Product Type: Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Did you think embroidery was complicated, confined to flowers, and a major undertaking? This cute, quirky, and clever little book will dispel those myths and inspire you to take up a needle and thread, even if it's for the first time ever. Fun with Stitching offers simple and easy embroidery ideas to add a light-hearted touch to clothes, home accessories, and gifts. Each design is shown on a different object, whether it be a French café on an apron, cheerful weather clouds on canvas shoes, or a beaming moon on a lampshade, and is accompanied by straightforward instructions and suggestions for other uses. This is a book for new sewers, young embroiderers, and anyone looking to bring a light-hearted touch to their home or wardrobe.


Caret Down
Pages 128
Publish Date 2015-05-01
Size 8.465" x 10.04" x 0.3543"
Author Fiona Goble
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
All That Women Want
"This book confirms that modern embroidery is so worth learning for the individuality it can add to your home and your wardrobe. Fiona Goble's bang up to date designs are shown on bags, bibs, aprons, mobile cases, pictures, jeans, plimsolls, shower caps, bunting, cards, and cushions, items that you can enjoy crafting for everyday use, not just for table linens pulled out of the drawer only on high days and holidays."


About the Author

Fiona Goble is the author of more than 20 popular craft books, including Stitching, Fun With Stitching, Fleecie Pets, and Fleecie Dolls. Fiona owns a textile business making woollen bags, cushions and throws. In addition to regularly contributing to a number of craft magazines, she currently teaches sewing and other crafts to local teens and adults.

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