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Garden Ponds

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Caret Down
In this colorful Garden Ponds Made Easy title, authors Dennis Kelsey-Wood and Tom Barthell have provided an essential guide for first-time pond enthusiasts. The authors outline all of the considerations for starting out with a new pond, including determining the site, style, size of the pond, and deciding on the construction of the pond (whether preformed, concrete, or fiberglass). Garden Ponds offers a chapter on water which discusses water chemistry factors, volume of the pond, and pond surface. Other important factors involve the aeration, filtration, drainage, and maintenance of a clean (algae-free) pond. Special features, including waterfalls, fountains, and watercourses, electricity, and landscaping are addressed in detail, all accompanied by color photographs and drawings. A chapter on pond construction details every step of the project from creating a blueprint to securing the foundation. The infinite choices involved with stocking the pond with fish and plants can be overwhelming for the first-time pond owner, and the authors give excellent advice about making smart choices for a harmonious, beautiful garden pond. A special chapter on seasonal pond care gives the pond keeper recommendations for maintaining the pond all year long. Resources and glossary included.


Caret Down
Pages 128
Publish Date 2006-05-01
Series Garden Ponds Easy
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Dennis Kelsey-Wood

About the Author

Dennis Kelsey-Wood was a well-known naturalist and widely published author. Tom Barthel is managing editor of Water Garden News and Koi World magazines. A certified master gardener and journalist specializing in animal topics, he has authored numerous articles on fish, birds, small mammals, reptiles and other subjects. He lives in Long Beach, California, with his wife Rachel, where he enjoys his formal Spanish-Mediterranean garden pond.

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