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Gardner: L Gardner and Sons Ltd

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Caret Down
This book by historical transport expert Graham Edge is a comprehensive study of a Manchester company whose name became revered in over forty countries. It traces the story from the origins of the firm in 1868 until it ceased engine production almost 130 years later. In 1929 L Gardner and Sons Ltd perfected a small high-speed, direct injection diesel engine, the world's first for an engine of its size. The company soon developed this into the first purpose-built automotive engine of its type. This renowned Gardner LW series was also revolutionary in its use of lightweight aluminium alloys. Because diesel fuel was more economical than petroleum spirit for most of the last century, and especially in the 1930s, Gardner's was able to capitalise on a huge and growing market. Their diesel engines went on to gain an unrivalled reputation for reliability and economy in buses, coaches, lorries, rail, shipping and industrial installations. Their heyday was probably from the end of the Second World War to the early 1960s, a time when their order book was always full. As well as telling the story of the company's engineering achievements (and setbacks), the author also brings to life some of the personalities


Caret Down
Pages 216
Publish Date 2019-10-01
Size 8.1" x 10.9" x 0.0"
Author Graham Edge
Product Form Paperback / softback

About the Author

Graham Edge is a trucking journalist and author of several books. He was the founder of Gingerfold Publishing, now part of Old Pond, and among other titles he published Volvo F88 & F89 at Work, the first book by Patrick W. Dyer. Graham has now retired from publishing.

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