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Home Gardener's Compost

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Caret Down
Keeping garden soil in good health is an essential part of gardening, and compost is the home gardener's most effective way to maintain fertile, well aerated, and moisture-retentive soil. This abundantly illustrated book gives gardeners all the guidance they need to start making, storing, and using their own compost. It offers information on the different types of compost and their ingredients, advice on constructing a compost bin, and detailed explanations of wormeries, green manuring, and seed and potting composts. There's no better or easier-to-follow guide for anyone wanting to make and use their own compost.


Caret Down
Pages 80
Publish Date 2015-11-01
Series Specialist Guide
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.2559"
Author David Squire
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
New York Times Book Review
No gardener who isn't composting can be taken seriously... this is an essential guide.


About the Author

David Squire has worked for many years as a gardening writer and editor. He has contributed to numerous gardening magazines and is the author (or co-author) of more than 80 gardening and plant-related books. His books include four titles in the new Home Gardener's Specialist Guide series (Fox Chapel Publishing) plus The Scented Garden (Orion) which won the "Quill and Trowel Award" of the Garden Writers of America. David trained as a horticulturist at the Hertfordshire College of Agriculture and at the Royal Horticultural Society, where he was awarded the Wisley Diploma in Horticulture. He was awarded an N.K. Gould Memorial Prize for his collection of herbarium specimens of native British plants. In 2005, this collection of plants was accepted by the Booth Museum of Natural History to become library and museum exhibits. He has a passionate interest in the uses of native plants, whether for eating and survival, or for their historical roles in medicine, folklore and customs.

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