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Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry

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Caret Down
Go beyond the loom with Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry! Young crafting prodigy Elizabeth M. Kollmar takes the rubber band jewelry craze to a whole new level, with innovative techniques and totally cool designs. This amazing book shows you how to create dazzling rubber band bracelets and necklaces--without ever using a loom! All you need is a doubleended crochet hook to get started making fabulous bling. Elizabeth takes you step-by-step through every stage of the process, with clear how-to photos and easy-to-follow diagrams. Her simple crochet hook method allows you to work your creations to any length. Learn to expand the possibilities of rubber band jewelry by adding attractive charms, beads, and buttons. Twelve awesome designs offer endless variations for hours of creative fun.


Caret Down
Pages 52
Publish Date 2014-06-01
Size 8.5" x 10.875" x 0.1772"
Author Elizabeth Kollmar
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Just when you thought you've seen everything that rubber bands have to offer, eleven-year-old author Elizabeth Kollmar steals the show with a brand new Rainbow Loom book. Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry might sound like your average Rainbow Loom instructional book, but don't be fooled. Hidden inside is a trove of brand new Rainbow Loom designs that are unlike anything your kiddie crafters have ever seen. Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry is packed with brand new Rainbow Loom patterns that don't require the use of the plastic loom at all! Author Elizabeth Kollmar developed her own technique for creating Rainbow Loom bracelets using a double-ended crochet hook, and the results are simply stunning. Plus, since there's no need to buy a loom kit, making rubber band bracelets is more budget-friendly than ever.   Learning how to make Rainbow Loom bracelets without a loom might sound complicated, but it's actually easier than it seems. Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry opens with a comprehensive guide to understanding the terminology behind this new technique and begins with an easy bracelet pattern to help kids grasp the basics. Each of the rest of the off-the-loom Rainbow Loom patterns include clear pictures and diagrams, too, so kids are sure to grasp the new technique with ease. All of these rubber band bracelets are easy to embellish, and each pattern comes with suggested color combinations, so kids can personalize their brand new Rainbow Loom creations as much as they want.   Hooked on Rubber Band Jewelry is more than just a collection of Rainbow Loom patterns; it goes beyond the basic Rainbow Loom bracelets of the past with several dainty, classy, and amazing designs that you simply won't find anywhere else.


About the Author

Elizabeth Kollmar is 11 years old and lives in a home where creativity and crafting are a constant! She learned basic knit and crochet techniques at a very young age and even designed her own knitting piece when she was 6! Eventually, Elizabeth learned enough about fiber arts to begin explaining and demonstrating the process of preparing wool at her local historical society while her mother demonstrated spinning. When rubber band crafting became popular, Elizabeth was interested, but found that working on a rubber band loom just wasn't for her. With a bit of experimentation and creativity, though, she was able to find a way to make her own rubber band projects without a loom! Using her knowledge of crochet techniques, Elizabeth started working with a double-ended crochet hook to put her rubber band pieces together. Using her unique techniques, Elizabeth was soon creating her own patterns and designs for rubber band projects! She even developed a special vocabulary for her techniques so she could easily explain to others how to recreate her designs!Elizabeth lives with her parents and two siblings on the east coast of the United States. When she's not working on her next rubber band project, she enjoys reading, music, photography, and activities like horseback riding, bicycling, and climbing ropes and trees! For information about Elizabeth's current projects and activities, visit her blog at

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