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If Animals Could Talk: Horses

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Caret Down
An excellent book for young learners! If Animals Could Talk: Horses is narrated straight from the horse's mouth and teaches what different horse sounds mean. Kids also learn what the horses' body language and ear position mean as a way to communicate, like pinning their ears back means they're upset. Accompanied by beautiful full-color pictures of horses, fun pet facts, kids will love learning all about their horse friends.


Caret Down
Pages 32
Publish Date 2024-01-23
Size 7.5" x 9.5" x 0.0"
Author Tammy Gagne

Discover what your beloved horse is trying to tell you

Learn why horses act the way they do as they go about their day.

Fascinating fun facts all about what it’s like to be a horse.

When a horse lies down to sleep, it is for a longer, deeper sleep than their normal naps.

Packed with amazing photos of adorable horses and ponies being their silly selves

The perfect gift for young kids who have a horse, are interested in adopting a horse, or just got their first pony

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