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Kayak Bass Fishing

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Caret Down
Anglers of every skill level will benefit from the secrets and strategies that obsessed bass angler Chad Hoover has learned from years of catching trophy bass. The insight he's gained by using his kayak to remain undetected and observe bass reacting naturally to different lure presentations, is invaluable and guaranteed to improve your effectiveness on the water.


Caret Down
Pages 224
Publish Date 2011-09-01
Size 290.0" x 228.0" x 0.0"
Author Chad Hoover


About the Author

Chad Hoover is an accomplished tournament angleer and conducts entertaining seminars and fishing clinics throught the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. As a member of the Wilderness Systems Kayak Fishing Pro Staff, he primarily fishes from his Ride 135, Tarpon 120 and Tarpon 160. He is also a founding member, former president and board member for the Tidewater Kayak Angler Association. He is the owner of

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