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Caret Down
Now children can learn the easy techniques of leatherworking while building self-confidence and establishing safety skills that will last a lifetime. With just a simple set of tools and five basic, easily learned skills, any child can make a cell phone case, moccasins, a tooled leather wallet, book cover, and much more. To some parents and children, leathercraft may seem unusually daunting and strange, but many beautiful items can be made out of bits of leather. Decorating the item is just as much fun, and these craft projects are made to last. Several types of tools are needed for leathercraft, such as a cutting knife (adult supervision required), a wooden mallet, a spacing wheel for making evenly-spaced marks for punching lacing holes, a revolving punch for punching holes, a spoon and tracer for tracing, and other implements that are useful in leather crafting. Types of material and the "how to" of leather processing are shown and readers will learn how to select the correct material and supplies for the project being done. It also teaches the necessary skills required, details the designated tools, and describes how they are to be used to create a specific effect. Great color photos help


Caret Down
Pages 128
Publish Date 2008-09-10
Size 8.0" x 8.0" x 0.0"
Author Linda Sue Eastman
Product Form Paperback / softback


About the Author

Linda Sue Eastman is a published author of children's books

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