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Making Sparkling Wines at Home

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Caret Down
Created for avid, passionate oenophiles, Making Sparkling Wines at Home is all you need to produce your very own sparkling wine! Now anyone can make 10 deliciously impressive sparkling wines that will be the focus of any dinner party or celebration. And we're not talking about some average homemade wine either--we're talking about a robust sparkling wine that can actually compete with store-bought. Here you will find a rich exposition on the technical intricacies of making sparkling wine, as it requires a different process than regular wine. This book also contains important winemaking concepts that are essential to understand for successful winemaking. You'll learn how to produce quality sparkling wines using the right ingredients for an affordable cost. This book has information about the types of bottles suited to sparkling wine, different fruit preparation methods, and how to regulate the fermentation, temperature, clarification, and assessment process. You'll find advice on the best serving and tasting methods. Illustrations are included to help make everything as easy to understand as possible. And there is no shortage of anecdotes to give you an idea of what to expect and to get you excited to start making your own sparkling wine! With all of


Caret Down
Pages 136
Publish Date 2012-06-01
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.3504"
Author J. Restall
Product Form Paperback / softback


About the Author

John Restall and Don Hebbs have spent decades exploring the techniques of sparkling wine production and in discovering the secrets of producing champagne-like wine of superb quality.

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