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Making Your Own Mead

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Caret Down
Once the drink of choice for Viking marauders and medieval kings, mead is enjoying a renaissance in popularity. The "nectar of the gods" is easy to make at home. This practical guidebook will inspire you to take up the craft, with a basic guide to mead-making techniques plus 43 recipes for brewing the world's oldest alcoholic beverage. Discover how to make different types of mead like fruit-flavored melomels, grape-based pyments, spiced metheglins, and apple cysers.


Caret Down
Pages 64
Publish Date 2013-07-01
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.15"
Author Peter Duncan
Product Form Paperback


Caret Down
Terry Sullivan, Wine Trail Traveler
"Making Your Own Mead is a quick concise book about mead and mead making. Those interested in mead can read about the history, connection with honeymoons and the basics of mead making. The home mead makers can read through the book quickly to get a general idea of the mead making process. Then return to the chapters dealing with types of honey, yeasts and meads they are interested in producing. There are many recipes to get you started."
Jim Rector, Writer, Texas Wine Lover
"The techniques are sound, and the recipes are approachable and easy to follow. Whether you want to make mead, melomels, pyments, metheglins, or cysers, this is the book you should get. It will be the book I pick up when I make my next batch of mead."
Robert Rivelle George, Author, "The Umami Factor: Full-spectrum Fermentation for the 21st Century"
"With easy to understand directions, and simple recipes for all types of honey wine, Making Your Own Mead provides a great reference to novice and expert meadmakers alike!"
The Brewholder
As an experimental homebrewer, "Making Your Own Mead," has inspired me to craft my own mead and take my place along with the Greeks, Romans, and Norsemen in the epic of man's oldest drink!


About the Author

Peter Duncan is a recognized expert in the field of winemaking and has published several books on the subject.

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