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Measuring and Marking Metals for Home Machinists

Accurate Techniques for the Small Shop
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Caret Down
For model engineers and small workshops that don't have access to sophisticated and expensive measuring equipment, this guide will show them how to sufficiently measure and mark themselves! Measuring and Marking Metals for Home Machinists will inform readers on how to use measuring equipment and how to mark out, which are essential skills for engineers and imperative for success. A comprehensive resource written by renowned expert engineer, Ivan Law, this crucial metalworking resource not only emphasizes the importance of exactness of the initial marking out and the accuracy of measurements made throughout a work's progress, but will also clearly guide readers on how to achieve such vital precision! Author Ivan Law is an experienced and respected engineer who is also known for his sought-after demonstrations at the International Model Show.


Caret Down
Pages 112
Publish Date 2022-03-01
Size 5.83" x 8.27" x 0.0"
Author Ivan Law


About the Author

Ivan Law is a very experienced and much-respected engineer who will be known to many readers for, particularly, his lucid and practical demonstrations and explanations over many years at the annual International Model Show.

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