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Metalworking for Home Machinists

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Caret Down
No matter how well equipped your workshop may be, the need to make special tools, devices, and gadgets will always arise. That's where Metalworking for Home Machinists steps in to help! This highly-detailed guide shows you how to create 53 ancillary devices, including 5 clamps and vices, 10 jigs and fixtures, 25 lathe projects, and 13 miscellaneous projects. A must-have resource for every metalworking workshop, this manual will help save you time by devising the needed device for you so you can get right to work building what you need without delaying the completion of your final project any further! Written by an industry expert in designing and building engines and machines, author Tubal Cain had over 60 years of experience, and is a leading voice to guide you through the creation of essential workshop devices.


Caret Down
Pages 144
Publish Date 2021-07-27
Size 5.83" x 8.27" x 0.27"
Author Tubal Cain

About the Author

Author Tubal Cain (Tom Walshaw) was an expert engineer and craftsman who had over 60 years of experience in designing and building engines and machines, a number of which were published in industry-leading magazines for decades. The author of several best-selling home workshop and model engineering guides, he also won many model engineering exhibition awards throughout his impressive career.

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