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New Gourd Art with Ink Dyes

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Caret Down
Turn an ordinary gourd into your next amazing craft project! One of the more "expressive" of the hard-shelled, ornamental fruits, the humble gourd is not only useful and beautiful but it also seems to beg an artist's hand to embellish and enhance it even more. Gourds have had many uses through history as tools, musical instruments, art objects, and as food. They grow in a wide array of sizes and shapes that can spark your creativity and engage your imagination. Finding your gourd "canvas" is an adventure in itself, and this book gives great advice on how to choose a great gourd and how to see the gourd's natural variations as part of the overall aesthetic. After selecting a gourd that inspires your artistic eye, you can choose from many mediums to see your vision through. Designing with ink, shape stamping, carving or sculpting, painting, dyeing, and adding decorative items, such as laces, feathers, and beads are all ways to express your individual style. Other techniques include cutting, design transfer, wood burning, sanding, staining, and adding inlays. This book takes you step by step through the process from choosing the right gourd to the final embellishments that will complete your


Caret Down
Pages 48
Publish Date 2007-01-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.15"
Author Maria Dellos
Product Form Paperback


About the Author

Maria designed and taught for Ben Franklin Crafts in Tuscon, AZ. In 2001, she discovered gourds and launched a line called GourdMaster Finishes.

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