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Ninja Kitties Kitlandia is in Danger!

Bee-Bee Believes In His Inner Strength
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Caret Down
Kids will love this exciting new graphic novel for children! It's an empowering story where kids will learn to always be themselves and join Bee-Bee as he learns the same lesson! While his royal kitty siblings are training, Bee-Bee is self-conscious about his own honey powers -- he thinks they're nothing compared to all the cool things his siblings can do and wishes he was more like them. But when Kitlandia falls under attack, Bee-Bee's honey-sticking powers are exactly what the Ninja Kitties need to save the town and defeat the evil scheme of the Fang Gang. An uplifting Ninja Kitties picture book for kids that teaches them why comparison is the thief of joy, children will also learn to always be themselves because they're unique in their own special way! There's only one of them in the entire world -- and that's something special in itself!


Caret Down
Pages 48
Publish Date 2023-08-29
Size 6.0" x 9.0" x 0.0"
Author Kayomi Harai, Rob Hudnut

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