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Caret Down
Here is a helpful and fun book for every dog owner who wants to have a well-behaved companion. Dog trainer and author Kim Campbell Thornton has written a sweet and quick brush-up course on doggy manners. Chapters include: *Petiquette for Pooches *Who's the Boss? *The Social Graces of the Urbane Dog *Beauty is as Beauty Does *Sitting Pretty *Mealtime Manners *And much more! Exhibiting social graces in public places and good behavior around the home, your dog will be a welcome, much-loved companion thanks to the advice here. Topics covered include sitting pretty, jumping up, staying off furniture, coming when called, and accepting attention from strangers. This little book is all about bonding with your dog and communicating. It concludes with the "Eleven Commandments of Good Dog Ownership" which outline what owners need to do to ensure their good canine citizens will remain so.


Caret Down
Pages 64
Publish Date 2003-10-01
Series Simple Solutions
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Kim Campbell Thornton
Product Form Paperback

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