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Paper Play

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Caret Down
Spice up your papercrafts with these unique paper folding techniques! The blank page is an empty vessel, a piece of paper that we can project our creativity, thoughts, and dreams onto. With this book, the blank page is used creatively, but not as a surface onto which words or drawings will be synthesized. The paper itself is the message. Dive into the art of paper with author Catherine Mace's Paper Play. Treat yourself to a fabulous time with silk-embedded papers from India, Florentine prints from Italy, metallic patterns from Japan, and much more. Here is an opportunity to experiment and expand your paper crafting skills. Have you tried hand-dyeing your own paper? There's so much to learn here, and so much to do! Much like the frame that holds the painting, the paper that contains the words is often taken for granted in its potential to be a medium for art. By taking advantage of the paper's ability to retain its folds, manipulations, and disruptions, you can create amazing, three-dimensional shapes and figures that will instantly gain admiration. Catherine Mace takes the reader through step-by-step guides that demonstrate how to create with the humble material of paper. The blank page


Caret Down
Pages 36
Publish Date 2004-01-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Catherine Mace
Product Form Saddlestitch Booklet


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