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Pets Gone Green

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Caret Down
In Pets Gone Green, New York Times best-selling author Eve Adamson explores how pet owners can have a positive effect on the environment and their pets' place within it. This engaging and enlightening book outlines strategies that pet owners can pursue to reduce the family's carbon foot- and pawprints, from using less toxic flea repellant to offering earth-friendly treats and toys to our much-loved pets. Adamson's goal in writing Pets Gone Green stemmed from her desire to find ways to save her dogs from the increasingly toxic environment around us. ??we are obligated to speak up for our furry companions, who are unable to think or act green on their own." Pets Gone Green remains a timely exploration of many of the hot-button topics in our world today, from eating local and animal rescue to activism and recycling! The book offers practical advice for owners of all pets, from dogs and cats to birds, small mammals, and more. As pet rescue has increasingly become ?the thing to do," the book begins with a chapter on ?Recycled Companions: The Ultimate Earth-Friendly Act," in which the author discusses the many advantages of rescuing a pet from a shelter or rescue society. Pet


Caret Down
Pages 180
Publish Date 2009-09-29
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Eve Adamson

About the Author

Eve Adamson (Iowa City, IA) is a freelance writer dedicated to the subjects of pet care, nutrition, health, and the environment. A multiple award-winning dog writer, Eve received the ASPCA Humane Issues award in 2006, the Hartz Doggy Glamour Award and the Hartz Joint Maintenance Senior Dog Award in 2005, and the Eukanuba Canine Health Award in 2004, plus five Dog Writer's Association of America Maxwell medallions. She is a contributing editor for Dog Fancy magazine and writes the Good Grooming column for AKC Family Dog magazine.Illustrator Willy Reddick (Belfast, ME) is a painter and woodcut specialist whose art has been exhibited in various museums in New England.

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