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Playboater's Handbook II (2nd Edition)

The Ultimate Guide to Freestyle Kayaking
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Caret Down
Do you want an exciting adventure on a kayak or canoe where you can perform feats you did not know were possible? Try playboating, which brings challenge, athleticism, water sports, and pure fun together. Whether you're looking to catch your first wave or are searching for the secrets to the most advanced play--moves like the aerial loop or Tricky Whu--this fun reference guide will open up the world of freestyle kayaking to every paddler. Playboating is a fun and exciting variety of paddling that involves a variety of technical moves similar to what snowboarders, surfers, and skater do. Unlike more traditional kayaking, which focuses on travelling distance, playboaters perform flips, turns, and spins in one place, known as a playspot. It is even possible to be completely airborne during playboating! Freestyle kayaking champion Ken Whiting shares his experience and wisdom in this well-written guidebook. Whether you are new to the exciting world of playboats or a seasoned veteran, this book will be of tremendous value to any freestyle kayaker. Whiting's instructions are clear and concise with plenty of tips. He explains the right boat and equipment to buy, the fundamental concepts of the sport, and the skills you need for


Caret Down
Pages 208
Publish Date 2012-08-15
Size 7.5" x 9.0" x 0.4528"
Author Ken Whiting
Product Form Paperback / softback


About the Author

Ken Whiting is a World Champion kayaker, five-time National Champion, and one of the most influential paddlers in the world. For over fourteen years, Ken has shared his enthusiasm for paddling through his teaching and by producing a series of best-selling, award-winning instructional books and DVDs. In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to advancing the sport of kayaking, Paddler Magazine, named Ken one of their "Paddlers of the Century".

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