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Project Street Rod

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Caret Down
Here is a complete guide to restoring a vintage car, written by auto-restoration guru Larry Lyles, a regular contributor to Auto Restorer magazine. In this in-depth, illustrated guide, Lyles walks the car owner through every step of the modification, from the disassembly of the car and to the finish touches, all with detailed instructions. Lyles transforms a beat-up 1946 Ford into a car the that looks nice, is dependable, and is decked out with many of the (necessary) modern-day trappings. He covers: *Beginning the disassembly, exterior and interior, and taking proper measurements of each component *Installing the front suspension *Installing the engine *Shocks, spring and metal lines *Floor pan installation *Seats, air-conditioning, and brake pedal *First project mock-up *Working with body filler *Color selection *New parts and fresh primer *Ordering critical parts *Interior trim, headliner, and center console *And much more! Each step in every chapter is photographed as the author progresses along, with captions to spell out exactly what has to happen. The book offers helpful advice about choice of tools and tips to make even beginners feel confident about tackling the many steps involved. With nearly forty years experience in repairing, rebuilding, and restoring classic cars (and lots


Caret Down
Pages 184
Publish Date 2008-11-11
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Larry Lyles

About the Author

Larry Lyles is an auto-restoration guru, and a regular contributor to Auto Restorer magazine.

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