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Shake, Rattle & Roll

Trading Cards & ATCs for Shakers, Windows, Doors, Moving Parts, Mosaics, Closures and Much More!
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Caret Down
These miniature cards and journals will shake up your imagination, rattle your creativity, and roll out the fun! Prepare to be inspired with stylish and fun artist trading card projects. Artist trading cards, also known ATCs, are fun and fascinating. They were first created in 1997 by Swiss artist M. V. Stirnemann. They became a medium that provides a cultural and collaborative performance. They are made and shared by artists all over the world, giving you a chance to be part of a special, creative community. Typically, ATCs are small. They range from 2½ to 3½ inches. Mary Seckler's book gives many examples of ATCs that can be made by you with limited supplies, and you can improve your skills by replacing common materials with more unusual ones. The ideas that are in the book are clever and fun. You can make shaker cards with a variety of materials. All the instructions and materials you need are here. Many of the ideas presented in the book have different styles of collages. Let your creative side shine with various techniques that are explained within the book. If you are wondering what materials to use, there are several guides that can help


Caret Down
Pages 16
Publish Date 2006-01-01
Size 8.5" x 11.0" x 0.0"
Author Mary Seckler
Product Form Saddlestitch Booklet


About the Author

Mary Kaye Seckler has been a paper artist for 15 years. She owned a craft store for ten years and has been teaching, writing, and consulting in the hobby industry for over ten years.

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