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Soft Toys

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Caret Down
This accessible, inspiring guide to the rewarding craft of soft toy making is packed with new personalities just waiting to come to life! Soft Toys offers 13 easy-to-sew projects for loveable softies, complete step-by-step instructions designed for all skill levels. Now you can bring new friends to life for your favorite boy or girl. You can learn to cut out and sew your own original toys using these exciting and simple-to-do projects that are sure to make you and your child smile. You're not only sewing with Soft Toys, but you're also creating a gift that will keep on giving and making precious memories that are meant to last forever. Remind loved ones of how much they mean to you. Soft Toys has something for everyone! Author Sara Gerlings has made her living making new worlds and people come to life. Her book comes with patterns and projects for all skill set levels from beginner to expert. Bring to life a mouse, barnyard animals like pigs and chickens, or make a tiny Teddy stuffed with character. Create a stuffed basket and fill it up with soft vegetable and fruit toys to go on an imaginative picnic adventure. The sky's the


Caret Down
Pages 48
Publish Date 2013-09-01
Size 8.858" x 11.02" x 0.1811"
Author Sara Gerlings
Product Form Saddlestitch Booklet


About the Author

Sara Gerlings was born in London and gained a BA (Hons) in Theatre Costume Design from Wimbledon School of Art. She has worked predominantly in the clothing industry but has also designed and made costumes for the Children's Shakespeare Company in south-west London. Sara has made toys since childhood. This collection demonstrates her signature choice of fabrics as an integral element of each toy's appearance and character.

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