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The Green Iguana Manual

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Caret Down
Here is an authoritave look for anyone who owns, or is thinking of owning, a green iguana and the characteristics of the species that have made these attractive lizards so amazingly popular in the pet world. Author and expert Philippe de Vosjoli is joined by iguana specialists Dr. Roger Klingenberg, Dr. Susan Donoghue, and David Blair, who each contribute special chapters to this up-to-date and authoritative guide. They provide excellent general guidelines for keepers who wish to add a green iguana to their vivarium and maintain their pet in excellent health and condition. Information here includes: *An introduction to basic iguana characteristics including distribution, size, longevity, and varieties, and morphs to help beginners better understand the anatomy and behavior of these fascinating lizards *Selecting a healthy green iguana *Handling, housing needs, breeding, and life stages *Food sources, supplementation, and feeding guidelines for green iguanas of all ages *Nutritional and metabolic disorders, infectious diseases, reproductive disorders, parasites, and environmental issues *And much more! There is a very useful five-page troubleshooting chart for common disorders. The authors discuss the iguanas of the West Indies as well as seven other iguanid lizards, such as the spiny-tailed iguana, Fiji Island iguana, and chuckwallas. It's


Caret Down
Pages 111
Publish Date 2003-01-01
Series Advanced Vivarian
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Philippe De Vosjoli; Susan Donoghue; Roger Klingenberg; Davi

About the Author

Philippe de Vosjoli is a bestselling writer and publisher with varied interests, including amphibians, reptiles, unusual plants, the role of hallucinogenic plants in the evolution of culture and religion, and how the rise of the parallel reality of cyberspace will impact our future. He is also the author of the acclaimed children's book, The Legend of Atticus Rex.

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