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Training Your Mixed Breed

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Caret Down
A lot of attention goes to purebred dogs who win prizes at dog shows, but most of us own a mixed-breed dog. For us, "mutt" is a term of endearment. Our mixed-breed best friend is as important to us as any Labrador Retriever or French Bulldog. Training Your Mixed Breed is the perfect book to help you understand and train your beloved dog or puppy. Miriam Fields-Babineau is an experienced dog trainer whose work has appeared on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Animal Planet. Her knowledge of animals is encyclopedic. In this book, she discusses selecting the right dog for your lifestyle and temperament, purebred dogs and the bloodline they form as they mix with other breeds, popular crossbreeds and the traits that they form, and more. Learning the ancestry of your new canine can give you valuable insight into your dog's tendencies and behaviors. It will help guide you as you follow Miriam's advice about the best methods for training your dog. The book details the ways you can decode the behavior of your mutt by looking into the characteristics of its ancestry. This research will also help you know what you can expect when you bring a


Caret Down
Pages 141
Publish Date 2005-09-01
Series Positive Training
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Miriam Fields-Babineau

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