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Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog

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Caret Down
Who doesn't want to spend more time playing?! Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog is the how-to book for dog owners looking to improve their ?fun factor" in their dogs' eyes. Author Sophie Collins, assisted by Suellen Dainty, promise that any owner of a dog?no matter what age, breed, activity level, size or personality?can transform his pooch into an accomplished performer in brief daily five-minute training sessions. In all, the book offers 80 tricks and games, from the tried-and-true rainy-day tricks like ?roll over" and ?play dead" to out-of-the-box surprises like ?lion tamer" and the ?commando crawl." Fully illustrated with color photographs and drawings, Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog serves as a game plan for busy owners who wish to spend more quality time with their dogs, engaging them in educational games to improve their obedience skills while deepening the dogs' bonds with their owners. Readers can teach their dogs helpful household tasks, such as the ?laundry service," ?fetch my keys" and ?answer the door," as well as games that expand their repertory of manners, such as ?say please," ?learning a ?stop' signal," and ?dinner time." The authors emphasize the importance of safety in teaching tricks and


Caret Down
Pages 192
Publish Date 2014-04-15
Size 7.0" x 9.0" x 0.5"
Author Sophie Collins
Product Form Paperback / softback


About the Author

Sophie Collins is an author and editor who has written a number of bestselling pet titles, including Tricks and Games to Teach Your Dog and Why Does My Dog Do That? She lives in the United Kingdom.

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