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Vasilissa and the White Horseman

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Caret Down
Many Scroll Saw Workshop readers asked for a pattern for Terry Lawrence's impressive layered scene, Vasilissa and the White Horseman featured in Issue #18. We were not able to reproduce the pattern in the magazine because of the sheer size and number of the patterns. Due to reader interest, Scroll Saw Workshop teamed up with Terry to offer a pattern pack for the project. In addition to providing the patterns for all six layers--plus the frame--the package includes a layer-by-layer paint plan. With this package that consists of eight 11" x 17" sheets, it's easy to reproduce this classic work derived from Ivan Bilibin's classic illustration.


Caret Down
Publish Date 2005-04-01
Series Patterns
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Terry Lawrence
Product Form Pattern

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