After years of research, examination, and hands-on experience with birds, Denny Rogers has created the most detailed and concise pattern for authentically carving the bald eagle. The Illustrated Bald Eagle: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Bird Lovers, Woodcarvers, and Artists is a MUST-HAVE BOOK for all woodworkers, especially bird carvers. The beautifully composed book includes detailed, hand-drawn illustrations for every feature of a bald eagle, along with detailed measurements and a paint pattern color chart to finish your project. You won’t find a more complete reference guide to assist you than this one.

Illustrated Bald Eagle Book Cover

The Illustrated Bald Eagle by Denny Rogers

Denny Rogers is a nationally recognized artist in a wide spectrum of mediums, creating art professionally since the mid-1960’s.President Ronald Reagan selected Rogers’ Winged Magnificence, a life-size American Bald Eagle in dramatic flight, for use at his second inaugural and other presidential events – formal balls, presidential museum exhibits and more. The research and sketches for that project resulted in Rogers’ first book for Fox Chapel Publishing, The Illustrated Bald Eagle. The publication was followed by three additional birds of prey carving and artist ultimate reference guides. Rogers is among the few artists with official White House permission to use the Presidential Seal in his works.


Denny Rogers and shares his insights into his meticulous birds of prey designs.

The Denny Rogers Collection

“Any birdwatcher who has marveled at the beauty of a kestrel, red-tail, or peregrine will be delighted by the detail and usefulness of Denny Rogers’ drawings.” - Chuck Hagner, Editor, Birder’s World Magazine