The greatest thrill is finding somebody who's done tremendous work, discovering a new talent. Fox Chapel Publishing gives artists a community that appreciates and values what they do. Alan Giagnocavo, Publisher

Fox Chapel Publishing got its start in 1991 when Alan Giagnocavo relocated to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania from Canada.  Alan had worked at a family bookstore for many years, and moved to the United States to start a business of his own.  While making his journey to Lancaster, he passed through Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, a community near Pittsburgh.  He knew he wanted a name associated with an animal mascot and felt the fox's quick-witted traits were fitting for his new company – Fox Chapel Publishing!

Originally, Fox Chapel published various cookbooks and distributed books with subject content including children's topics and quilting.  Eventually, Alan met George Lehman, who had published a four-book carving pattern series.  George wished to retire and Alan made his first acquisition, including copyright, inventory and a customer list.  Though Alan did not have an extensive background in woodworking, he had a great admiration for the finished products and decided to focus his efforts on carving and scrolling books.

As Fox Chapel continued to grow, so did its office space.  The business began in Alan's kitchen in Lancaster, then grew to its first office location at the top of two flight of stairs in New Holland.  Next, Fox Chapel relocated the office and warehouse into a former carriage house near Alan's home in Neffsville, and also utilized off-site warehouse storage facilities in Lancaster.  December 1996 brought about the biggest change, when Fox Chapel moved into its present four-story, restored brick warehouse in East Petersburg.  Find out more about our historic building.

Currently, Fox Chapel has published more than 200 books and introduces nearly 30 new titles each year.  We select our authors carefully and enjoy giving them the recognition of their talents that they deserve.  We started our first magazine, Woodcarving Illustrated, with the Christmas 1997 issue.  In the Fall of 2000, we launched Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts magazine.  Our market base includes both wholesale and retail customers.  Editorial, graphic arts and subscription services are all handled in house.  We continue to be the best source of information for woodworkers, and strive to maintain the excellence we've already achieved.