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Learning Tones: Bengal Tiger Pyrography Practice Project

Perfect your wood burning skills with this artistic tonal values technique by Lora Irish. In woodburning, how pale or dark your tonal value for an area becomes depends on the temperature setting of your burning unit, the time the tip touches the wood, and how loosely or tightly packed your burn strokes are in an area.

Brighten Your Day with a DIY Mandala Dot Rock Painting

Rocks are the perfect canvas for making beautiful art. Typically, when people think of creating art on rocks, they imagine using a brush and some paint. But did you know that almost anything you can do on paper or canvas can also be done on rocks? Stone rock mandalas are addicting to make once you get started. There’s no exact right or wrong pattern to use.

Stone Painting Effect for Your Next Woodworking Project

Turn wood into stone with this painting technique by acclaimed author and artist Lora Irish!  In this tutorial, Lora uses use acrylic craft paints to create this interesting paint technique, then adds a final oil stain at the end.

Showcase your Favorite Fabric with this Free Quilt Block Pattern

We all have that favorite quilting fabric! Show it off this Little Boxes frame block from the creative mind of reowned quilter Lynne Goldsworthy. This free easy quilt pattern is great for beginners or those looking for a new quilt block idea.

Summer crafts that are little mess but lots of fun!

Summer is in full swing! Here are two easy craft projects for kids from two of our newest children's books, Vacation Crafting and Foam Crafts for Kids, that are great for in the backyard, on vacation, at summer camp, or indoors during a rainy day.

Treat yourself to Black Forest Cupcakes for World Chocolate Day!

This easy Black Forest cupcake recipe features chocolate cupcakes filled with a black cherry preserve and topped with a homemade frosting.
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