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501 Best Shop Tips for Woodworkers

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Caret Down
The essential question and answer woodworking guide that provides practical, time and money saving solutions to the most common problems. Superbly organized with an outstanding and thoughtful index,woodworkers will find this question and answer sourcebook easy to read and easy to use. It contains 501 questions, answers and shop tips in more than 300 pages on everything from selecting materials to marking, cutting, shaping, joints, gluing, finishing, organizing, jigs and much, much more. Features Include: 501 shop tips, More than 400 photos and illustrations, A logical index so you can find the information you need. 16 Chapters on Topics Such As: Designing Projects, Selecting Materials, Preparing Stock, Marking, Cutting and Sizing, Shaping and Bending, Cutting Joints, Gluing Joints, Sanding and Applying Finish, Jigs and Fixtures, Shop Organizers and Shop Safety, Sharpening and Maintaining Your Tools


Caret Down
Pages 320
Publish Date 2003-10-01
Size 8.25" x 10.75" x 0.74"
Author Robert Settich
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Library Journal
It is no coincidence that nearly every woodcraft magazine devotes a section to trade shortcuts and tricks-woodworkers love finding new and better ways to enjoy their hobby. Settich offers a wealth of information on materials selection, glue and clamps, jigs and fixtures (one can never have enough!), and shop safety, among other topics, divided into 16 chapters. Books of this type always contain a certain amount of material that seems obvious (doesn't everyone know how to calculate board feet?), but with 501 tips, there is something for everyone (e.g., you can lengthen pipe clamps by joining two with a threaded coupler). Logically organized, this title includes a detailed index as well as abundant photos (both color and b&w) and clear drawings-a somewhat unusual touch. For most public libraries.

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