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Carving Faces in Wood

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Caret Down
There's nothing like culling hand-carved magic from a beautiful piece of wood, thanks to Alec LaCasse's Carving Faces from Wood! This fully illustrated, A-to-Z guide synthesizes LaCasse's hard-earned tips, shortening the learning curve so you can start carving a face in wood in no time. Thanks to its beautiful layout, this book presents wood carving faces at every stage--from selecting your tools and outlining a basic shape to smoothing out the texture of a face's fine hair. You'll even see which types of wood work best for carved wood faces, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. Or master different face types to suit your preferences. It might otherwise take years to learn how to carve a face in wood. But thanks to LaCasse's step-by-step instructions and photographs, you'll soon be finishing the detail of every nose, ear, and beard like a lifelong expert.


Caret Down
Pages 120
Publish Date 2024-07-16
Size 8.0" x 10.0" x 0.0"
Author Alec LaCasse
Product Form Paperback / softback


Caret Down
Doug Linker Woodcarver/YouTuber
Finding success in any endeavor should start with seeking out an experienced, accomplished teacher--in the world of carving faces, Alec is just that. Whether you're a beginner or experienced woodcarver, this book is sure to bring your carving journey to the next level.

Mouths, Noses, and Eyes

Discover how to carve an expressive mouth and separate the upper and lower lips, then learn three types of noses to carve before learning to carve expressive eyes by starting with the sockets (pictured) and adding detail.

Distinct Features

Study the differences between male and female features, the chin and jaw sizes, the eyebrows, and more, then explore the differences in features on young vs old faces (pictured).

Carving Hair

Learn about the anatomy of hair, understand hair shape, consider curly and wavy hair versus straight hair, learn how to deepen and shorten hair grooves, and even learn how to carve beards!

About the Author

Alex LaCasse was hooked on wood carving since his first whittled boot at age 12. Since then, it has been his passion: outside of wood carving (or teaching wood carving), he hasn't done anything else for a living. But he also knows how hard it is to be a beginner. That's why he's dedicated himself to helping others avoid the novice mistakes he remembers. In Carving Faces in Wood, Alex guides readers through the most important tips to set novices up for long-term success. Share his lifelong research, chisel away at the learning curve, and polish off your first carved wooden face sooner than you could ever imagine!

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