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Caret Down
On June 6, 1944, the largest military operation in history got underway in northern France as more than 150,000 Allied troops began the invasion of German-occupied Western Europe. D-Day: The Story of the Greatest Military Operation in History provides bone-chilling detailed information on how Allied Forces got to D-Day through months of meticulous planning for Operation Overlord, the fierce fighting, and the Allied leaders of WWII who conceived, shaped, and executed the plan. Learn why Normandy was chosen for the amphibious attack, how the Allied leaders deceived Hitler's army, and the military operations that followed. Incredible in-the-field photos bring the fight to life. Gain insight into the types of planes, ships, and tanks that were used and learn where you can honor the military men who sacrificed their lives on that day.


Caret Down
Pages 160
Publish Date 2024-05-14
Series Visual History
Size 8.5" x 10.875" x 0.0"
Author Marc DeSantis, Mike Haskew
Product Form Paperback / softback

Preparing for D-Day

Learn why Normandy was chosen for D-Day and meet the leaders who shaped Operation Overlord like General Omar Bradley and General Bernard Law Montgomery.

The French Resistance

See how sabotage, espionage, intelligence gathering, and small-scale combat were among the many contributions made by the French Resistance before and during the Normandy assault until the Liberation of Paris (pictured).

German Artillery

Witness the full might of the impossibly large German guns trained on the Allies.

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