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The Dachshund

An Owner's Survival Guide
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Caret Down
The Dachshund is not one dog but many. No other breed offers such a variety of colours, size and coat texture. He may weight 10 pounds or more than 30. As far as colour, the Dachshund comes in solid and mixed shades of red, cream, black, chocolate, fawn and grey-blue. He can be dappled or double dappled, brindled, or piebald. Coats can be smooth, long-haired or wired. Yet, magically, beneath this delightful multiplicity lurks a paradox. The Dachshund is not many dogs but one. Whatever the coat texture, colour or size, there is one spirit, one heart, and one soul. It is the spirit of courage, the heart of loyalty, and the soul of nobility.


Caret Down
Pages 272
Publish Date 2004-01-01
Series Benchmark Series
Size 0.0" x 0.0" x 0.0"
Author Diane Morgan
Product Form Paperback

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